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To Mark, Eric, Scott and KimThe family would like to thank you all for helping fix our roof, it means so much to all of us, we are so grateful that we got to meet such amazing people like you that were so kind to help us out and it was nice to able to help you all out!


We all from the bottom of our hearts appreciate you and your kindness and hardwork!  We hope to see you around soon.….to very thoughtful you! 

Thank you, Tracy, Sean and Dante B.


These past nine weeks have not been easy. We faced challenges but got through them. You and the many volunteers made it happen. The repairs done on my home are beautiful. My prayers have been answered. This is totally a dream come true. I love my home now! It doesn’t look the same. People who drive by do a double take. It’s so obvious, LOL. I still go outside to reassure myself it’s not a dream. People like yourselves made it a reality, for that I am forever grateful to each and every one of you.

Thanks so much to all of you. Sincerely, Angela L.

I would like to thank you and John and everyone at Habitat for Humanity for all your hard work. We were taking freezing cold showers but thanks to all of your hard work and generosity we are taking hot ones now. I know it wasn't an easy fix and you and your team showed how dedicated you were by coming back and making sure everything was fixed and fixed correctly,  my family really appreciate all you and John had done for us.

Thank you, Ed and Jess C.

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